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Innovative Tool to Limit Spread of COVID 19 in Residential Aged Care
Brief Summary

This project is a randomised trial in order to determine if "gamification" can result in behaviour change for healthcare workers in the residential aged care setting. The app is for Age Care and care workers at the front line who are working to protect those most vulnerable to COVID-19. There are 2 groups in this trial on group will receive current and accurate information from an app. The other group will receives the app with the addition of a gamification competent, this will include rewarding experiences for staff doing safety behaviours and wellbeing behaviours. The purpose of the gamification is to create a calming and reassuring experience that injects positivity and joy where possible during this stressful time.

Detailed Description

The study design will be a multi- centre cluster randomised control trial, where Age Care
facilities are randomised into two groups:

1. Newsfeed- gets the app with newsfeed only

2. Gamification group- gets the full gamified app, including the newsfeed Workers in our
network of residential aged care facilities will be invited to participate in a study of
communication of information regarding COVID-19 and how they will play a role in
preventing its spread.


Behavioral: Gamification

This will provide the user with the newsfeed function and the addition of a gamification function

Behavioral: Newsfeed function

This will provide the user with reliable accurate information on the pandemic.

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria:

- Age Health Care Worker

Exclusion Criteria:


Eligibility Gender
Eligibility Age
Minimum: 18 Years ~ Maximum: 90 Years

David L Paterson, PhD, Principal Investigator
The University of Queensland

The University of Queensland
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infection control
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