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Emergency Management in a Dedicated Respiratory Unit of Patients With a Possible COVID-19 Infection (Unit "COVID Possible")
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This research aims to improve knowledge of the epidemiology of patients consulting in the COvid Possible REspiratory Units (RECOP unit). Indeed, the epidemic linked to COVID19 affects France and impacts its health system. The reception of all intermediate patients will be on the Emergency Structures (SU). Indeed, the French healthcare system centralizes unscheduled urgent care on the ER. The aspecific respiratory symptomatology in "intermediate" patients indicates them all the more at an admission to SU or the diagnostic approach to respiratory difficulty may be carried out. It will be necessary to identify the diagnosis of the dyspneic patient and to define his virological status COVID before referring him to the appropriate units. The investigatory propose an original strategy of dedicating entire care sectors to the care of patients admitted for dyspnea in our ER. These units will be named RECOP units. This study would improve epidemiological knowledge of COVID-19 and ability to receive these patients within the SU.

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All patients admit in RECOP unit for dyspnea can be included in this study if patient is agree. Then, doctor collects demographic variables, the usual history and treatments, the characteristics of the episode (symptomatology, evolution, treatment taken) and the data from the initial clinical examination will be identified.
30 days after inclusion, virological status and mortality will be collect

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria:

- All patients over the age of 15 admitted to the RECOP unit for dyspnea

Exclusion Criteria:

- Patient admitted to shock for respiratory distress requiring immediate respiratory support.

- Patient under justice safeguard

Eligibility Gender
Eligibility Age
Minimum: 15 Years

Frédéric Balen, MD
Principal Investigator
University Hospital of Toulouse

University Hospital, Toulouse
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aspecific respiratory symptomatology
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